We are a group of people who believe in themselves and we call ourselves communicators.

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Audio Production

Audio Production Services


Radio is a warm and effective medium with which to reach large segment of the population. It is also cost effective, and has a valuable and growing market in the Middle East. CWW Media provides a variety of radio products such as; drama, soaps, news, spots and ads. We can also provide experienced radio journalists from across the region and full professional radio facilities.

The first of its kind in the region, CWW Media plays a significant role in the regional radio show market. Our radio production house has become a center for radio professionals across the Middle East, and a place where they are encouraged to develop their creativity and expression.

We outsource radio professionals to various stations in Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and the Gulf.

Voice Over and Audio Dubbing

We have a fully integrated sound studio facility for Voice Over (VO) recording and mixing, using industry standard equipment and top-class editors, directors and producers. We have a wide variety of professional VO artists including Iraqi, Jordanian, British, and other regional voices, including men, women and children.

Professional VOs need to be directed to client's specifications to ensure the piece has the required diction, pace and 'feel'. We have experienced directors to help our clients.