We are a group of people who believe in themselves and we call ourselves communicators.

WHAT WE DO communication

Video Production

“By far the best proof is experience; our clients are always delighted with the achieved results”

Strategic Approach… in all stages, CWW Media designs and builds a product that meets specific goals, and reaches the required target audience; mass public (TV Audience, Online Audience like website visitors, youtube, facebook… etc, Showroom visitors), specific groups (Donors, Suppliers, mass media, …), down to one person or figure in specific situations.

Types… CWW Media produces all kinds of video production, for broadcast and online use, We produce documentaries, reports, corporate and industrial videos, comedies and talk shows, TV ads and Promotions, TV spots, presentation videos.etc.

Areas…  CWW Media has access to almost any required location internationally, even critical and hot zones (i.e. war-torn areas). To date we have filmed in Jordan, Iraq, Qatar, Syria, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Bahrain and Lebanon.

Team…  CWW Media Professional has its own in-house team, and out sourcing affiliates (depending on the nature of the mission), either way CWW Media follows a result-basedmanagement approach that guarantees quality products and on-time delivery. Our team consists of qualified writers, journalists, producers, directors, cameramen, editors, musicians, and any other needed media professionals online and offline.

Equipment…  CWW Media uses the latest, high end equipment to deliver CWW- standard quality, in all stages.



CWW Media Production Process is developed to fulfill our commitment towards our client regarding time line, quality of picture, sound and appropriate lighting and full coverage of content and over all creativity. Our production team follows a production schedule and task sheet with all the required shot systemized. Some of our production steps are:

  • Assigning the right team
  • Selecting proper equipment
  • Collecting art work/ logos/ themes/colors
  • Scheduling production per clients' needs
  • Delivering per deadline


CWW Media provides all the post-production services necessary once the cameras stop rolling. The post-production team conducts a brainstorming and creative thinking session to establish a unified and creative theme for the film, with the best choices for after effects and graphics.

CWW Media post-production process is designed to fulfill our commitment towards our client regarding time line and quality of end product. Client feedback and approval are highly desired throughout this process. Our post-production team follows an approved storyboard with a vision of the final product description.

Some of our post-production services are:

  • Arrange and collect footage related to the subject from different sources when needed
  • Provide sound, sound effects and music
  • Provide after effects, graphics, animation and subtitling
  • Color and exposure correction
  • Deliver in required format, and form
  • Conduct Overnight editing
  • Conduct Overseas – on-line editing room
  • Provide up-to-date editing facility
  • Provide talented producer/editor – Arabic and English