We are a group of people who believe in themselves and we call ourselves communicators.

WHO WE ARE communicators

Feras Jaber and Amani Moqbel

“We are a team of media professionals who are passionate about what we do; and call ourselves communicators.”

Where we are… CWW Media is based in Jordan, with regional reach and international standards.

Who we are… CWW Media is a partnership of experts from across the world, specializing in video and radio production, digital and print graphic design, media translation, social media & website, political communications, and cross-cultural communications.We have extensive experience locally, regionally and internationally.

Who do we serve…CWW Media clients are governments, international organizations, PR and marketing companies, and private sector both commercial and industrial entities, who are looking for professionals with our field of expertise to design and translate their thoughts and strategies into effective media products that serve their goal.

What we do… CWW Media provides its clients with all media products needed for off-line and on-line use. We are adept at marrying strategy and production, quickly and cost-effectively. We provide advice, products and measurement criteria that ensure we create a message that delivers significant impact.

How do we work… CWW Media practices result-based management (RBM), where our project life cycle approach integrates strategy, people, resources, processes and measurements to improve decision-making, transparency, and accountability. We focus on achieving outcomes; implementing performance measurement, learning, and adapting, as well as reporting performance.

At CWW Media, we apply information system merged with quality control procedures to guarantee a standardized service every time we serve clients.

Why us… CWW Media offers consultation on media engagement strategy, public relations, social and mass media. We help clients utilize the most authentic mediums, conduits, and platforms to reach their audiences. We work closely with clients to meet their communication challenges and enable them to stand above and apart from the competition. From traditional channels to new media, we deliver tangible results that drive the reputations of our clients who share the same desire to communicate their messages, sell their products, lobby, or persuade. CWW Media is here to help our clients achieve their goals.

 “We simply create, motivate and communicate.”